Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"No School?!?!"

Max has decided that he "HATES" school. He started school last Tuesday. He was scheduled to go to school from 9:00 am to 3:45 pm. We were getting up and leaving the house at 7:30 and getting home at 5:30 pm with the drive. (Which is longer than usual due to construction.) By the third day he was screaming and trying to get away from me and run out the door at the school. He also didn't have a BM since the Monday before school started. On Thursday I decided that the hours were way too much for a 3.5 year old. He couldn't handle it (I was having a hard time myself) so I cut him back to leaving at 2:00 and getting home at 3:30 pm. On Thursday, I also had the audiologist come and look in his left ear, since I had found blood in there twice, and was told that he had something going on and needed to get it looked at before Monday. Sooo, Max had no school on Friday and instead got to go see Papaw for his ear. Turns out he has a very bad outer ear infection, meaning right by the eardrum, and it is swollen and inflamed. Max had to get his ear flushed 3 times and then got put on an oral antibiotic and antibiotic ears drops. Well you can guess how quickly he figured out that going to see Papaw at his office keeps him from going to school, REAL QUICK. Max had a great weekend and not a word was said about his ear hurting and believe me, it didn't slow him down any. Pretty much normal other than poking his finger in there for good measure every once in a while.

Max was fine all weekend, had BM's and all that good stuff, but come Monday morning he was asking to go to papaw's again rather than go to school. I told him "No, you have to go to school." I took him to school and promptly worked on getting him into the ENT surgeons office to get his infection looked at per Papaw's instructions. While waiting in the doctor's office I get a call from the school. Max is telling his teacher and anyone else who will listen that his ear hurts! What? He hasn't complained about that ear since Friday before we went to papaws. It took a while but the doctor got there and said bring him over. I had Max's AVT bring Max over to the office and we proceeded to wait for the doctor. Max kept asking if he could go to papaw's when we were done, school no. I kept telling him no. The doctor looks at it, says he's not sure what's caused it, but gives it a name nonetheless, (which honestly I couldn't tell you if you threatened my life on it) and says when he's done with the antibiotic drops, start putting these drops in. I ask the doctor if Max's ear could possibly be hurting him so bad that he needs to go home rather than be at school and the doctor says no, he's fine with him going back to school. Again we go through the tears, "no school", "papaw" until I finally leave him.

Today? Today I happily dropped my child off at school with a "good-bye and good riddance". Why? Because every 15 to 30 seconds from the time we left the house at 7:30 am he said, "Papaw?" "go papaw's?" I explained over and over and over ad nauseum that we were not going to papaw's today, papaw is working, Max is going to school. Right before we got to the school about the last 15 minutes of the drive he started with "Home?" No, we are not going home, look we're almost at your school. Uggggghhh. I am praying that he can get over this and start to enjoy school again. While I'm thrilled he can hear and speak because of his cochlear implant, I honestly never, ever thought that I would go insane from him asking questions. I probably wouldn't feel like I was going insane if it were different questions, but the same question over and over and over for days is driving me nuts. If I could drive and videotape at the same time I would post about 5 minutes of our morning dialogue and drive everyone who watches insane as well.

Can you hear me?