Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Some things are easy.......

So Easy

It's amazes me how quickly my son can pick up some things. For instance, this weekend we took a trip to our "local" Wal-Mart, not something that we get to do very often anymore since Max has started school and we have such a long drive to get to school. Passing the gaming section, Max ran over and started to play a Playstation game. As if a trip to Wal-Mart isn't long enough. It was so easy for him to figure out how to move around and play the game, especially since we have a Wii and not a Playstation so he was unfamiliar with the control pad; however, it is so hard to get this language going. Don't get me wrong, Max is doing fantastic. He's got well over 200 words and puts 2-3 word combinations together. It's just that it takes so much time and so much hard work (and a lot of ingenuity, yakking, driving, gas, and time on my part ":c). I don't think that people realize all the hard work and effort that it takes for Max to hear and speak. Most people think that we turn on the implant and vwala! Hi Mom!! They don't realize that he has to learn to listen, learn the word or sound and meaning, and then practice, practice, practice. If only Phonetic discernment could come as easily as a Playstation game.

Sorry can't get the video in, you have to go directly to it.

Speaking of easy, my daughter has finally taken off the training wheels on her bike. I'm surprised that it only took a "few" spills to be able to do this since we have a gravel drive rather than concrete or asphalt. When I look at her at 7.5 years old, I'm astounded at how big she is but yet still yearn for the baby that she was. They really do grow up too fast.

Can you "hear" me?