Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Eggs

The good thing about those plastic easter eggs, is they are great for putting things in and shaking and asking your child to identify which eggs have something in them a' la' Listening Therapy. The bad thing about those easter eggs is you will find them everywhere, you will step on them, your dog will be chewing on them, and they will be hidden around your house until Halloween and you get the Halloween deco out. Can you hear me?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Boy Ear vs. Baby Ear, is it working?

O.k. so Max is being a little obnoxious about the newly implanted ear, but only with me. For instance, he has refused to let me work with the new "baby ear". He will however, let his teacher and therapist work with "baby ear" and gives them no problems whatsoever. When I try, he flat our refuses, messes with my head. How does he mess with my head you ask? Picture this. I finally get him to work with me on "baby ear", Hurray! The next morning as we arrive at school he says, "baby ear" not working. Hmmmmm, I look at the processor, yep it's on and the P4 is there, looks good, no flashing lights, etc. I ask him, "Is it working?" He tells me, "not working". Ok. so we go next door to the audiologist. Our audiologist isn't in today, neither is the other cochlear audiologist, soooo someone else gives it a go. She is unable to determine if it is working, other than it appears to be working. After a half-hour, she comes back and says that she thinks it is working and we put it on his ear and remove "big boy ear". I start asking Max questions, nothing. I start doing the ling sounds, nothing. She says his name from behind, nothing. We don't know if it is working or not. Knowing that his teacher checks both processors every morning I haul him over to the school and explain things to her. We take off "big boy ear" and she starts through the ling sounds with just "baby ear" and with her mouth covered. Max repeats all the lings sounds. She asks Max where his dad is and he tells her that his daddy is at work. O.k. "baby ear" is working.

Flash forward to getting home. I ask Max if "baby ear" is working, no response. We take off "big boy ear" and start to go through some pictures in his class book and when I ask, "where's the cat?" he points to something different so fast I can't tell what's going on. We do this a couple of times and then his sister says his name and he looks at her. So I try again, nothing. She says his name again and again he looks at her. I finally give up.

So this morning I ask Max, if "baby ear" is working. "Nope, not working." Luckily, hubby is there and says, "is "baby ear" working?" Max responds, "Yep, "baby ear" working." Hubby asks him a few other questions with "big boy ear" off and Max answers every single one of them. So it is obviously apparent that my son is out to put me in the psych ward for a bit of a vacation. Can you hear me?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Things First

I know we've been missing lately, blame it on technology with my wonky computer. All is well now, since I have new little mean machine, although I still don't have all my stuff on it.

First things first. We have news!!!!!

Some time ago, I really can't remember when (you really shouldn't expect such things from me) I submitted some funnies for a possible book. Way back in March I received an e-mail stating that "the book" was done and ready for sell. I kind of passed over that e-mail but the next morning went back to get a closer look. Not only was it the book with one of hilarious stories, but Max was on the cover!!!! I have to say I was shocked and surprised!!!! So first things being first, this book needs to be ordered. Here is the link to I Don't Believe My Ears All proceeds from the book go to the Deaf Research Foundation so you might consider ordering one for all your friends too.

O.k. now that the book is out of the way, I want to say that Max is doing fine. New ear is still not caught up with old ear but we're working on it. We are having a little blip in the road, but I'll try to post more about that later when I can wrap my brain around it a little better. One thing that is bothersome and perplexing though, is why he has to put holes in the knees of every single pair of jeans. Can you hear me?