Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Countdown

Well we've been missing due to the holiday; new baby, not ours THANK GOD but my brothers and injury, me with my knee. We got the go ahead a couple of weeks ago for Max's surgery on December 11th.

36 hours before surgery Max coughs, not unusual we have a woodstove blaring all the time, we live in the woods, things have been wet and snowy, it's winter. He also takes a 2 hour nap. He doesn't usually take naps, especially not when I want to take a nap.

22 hours before surgery Max gets up extremely early for him. I usually wake him up at 6:30 am for school but today, today he is up at 5:45 am. Silly, silly boy. He must be excited about his "new" ear and going to the birthday party at Build-A-Bear this afternoon.

23 hours before surgery on our way to school. Max is coughing. ALOT. Yikes! No snot though, doesn't sound rattley. I look in the rearview mirror at him. HE IS ASLEEP!!!!!! He never falls asleep on the way to school. This is not looking good.

21 hours before surgery We get to school and I wake Max up. His eyes look purpley underneath, hmmmmm, he looks pale too. We go into the school and Max's teacher see us. She notices that Max does not look well and comments, she also states that he seems "off". Uh yeah, like in getting sick. I cart Max next door to see the surgeon. Thank God it's Wednesday and the surgeon is in today.

20 hours before surgery Max gets his lungs checked, all clear despite the coughing. Max says his ear hurts and tells the doctor "yeah, it hurts". Doctor looks in ear, sees redness and Max's surgery for tomorrow is OFF!!!!!

Yep, it happened again. We went through this the 1st time around, except time wasn't of the essence that time and this time it is. Surgery is scheduled for December 23rd but having had time to think, think, think and discuss this with Max's dad, we're thinking "No". We don't want to make Max go through the surgery and possibly have a miserable Christmas. Just can't do it. So I will call the doctor's office and see if we cannot get it moved to the following week. If not, then as Max's doctor said this morning, "It's all in God's timing, he will get it in God's timing." And it is and will be. Can you hear me?