Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do YOU Hear That?

There's no tapping going on here. Instead I'm SCREAMING, THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got our insurance approval yesterday for Max's 2nd implant so the surgery set for December 2nd is ON!!!!!!!! I am extremely excited and relieved and soon to be nervous (this is a huge rollercoaster of emotions) but this is such a huge, huge blessing. I cannot wait for Max to hear with two ears, not just one, but two like everyone else. It's something that a lot of hearing people take for granted (not me anymore though). Now the only thing to do is choose the color. Last time we didn't choose, because I was so frazzled with his surgery and my daughter's seizures (and EEG's and MRI's and waiting for her diagnosis) that I didn't give any thought to the color of the processor and such. Bummer for us cause I would have like to have gone with a different color than beige. However, this time around I am on top of this and I'm choosing a different color, maybe black, gray, or blue. Does anyone wanna chime in on color selection? Gosh, I'm so excited. You can all expect a post (or three or four) as it gets closer on nervousness but I'M STILL FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Can you HEAR me?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tap, Tap, Tap

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.... do you hear me tapping? I am STILL waiting to hear whether insurance has approved our 2nd implant. The suspense has me hanging on the edge and I don't do well on the edge. I just can't understand what the hold up is. Actually I can't understand why insurance would have a problem with someone having two ears to begin with... other than they are run by the mafia and it's legalized theft but because we have sooo many issues, we have to have it. Anyway, if I'm not tapping my foot, I'm tapping a pencil or pen.

On another note, Max has had very dry lips so I bought him some chapstick of his very own. Well, apparently when you are just learning to speak chapstick is a very hard thing to say as it comes out of his mouth as "chashit". Crap! This reminds me so much of the e-mail I received a long time ago about it being the worst mother's day ever because she found out that her small son had been putting chapstick on the cat's butt! Apparently my son has read or heard of that e-mail because no matter how hard we practice trying to say it right, it still comes out as "chashit". I think I'll notify his SLP and see if she can get it to come out right.
Can you hear me?