Friday, October 24, 2008

Teaching Fun

I can't begin to tell you the fun I have sometimes when I try to teach Max. Today we are missing school because Em is sick. So lunch is over and Max wants "cookies?" specifically "two cookies." So I try to hand him two chocolate chip cookies. He takes the first chocolate chip cookie but when I try to hand him the second cookie, Nope. He wants "black cookie".
Me: "Oh, you want an Oreo cookie too"
Me: "Oreo"
Max: "No, black"
Me: "yes, it's black but it's an Oreo cookie"
Max: "No, black cookie"
Me: "yes, but it's called an Oreo"
Max: (Holds up chocolate chip cookie) "What's that?"
Me: "Chocolate chip cookie"
Max: "No, brown"
Me: "It's a chocolate chip cookie that is brown yes"
Max (Holds up Oreo) "What's that?"
Me: "Oreo"
Max: "No, black"
Max: (Holding up cookies) "Black cookie.....brown cookie".

At this point he jumps/turns/runs away a la Spiderman.

Does this explain why I tend to ramble? Can you HEAR me?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sporadic Thinking

This morning I got to thinking, which is pretty scarey considering how sporadic I am. My thoughts bounce all over the place like rubber balls run amok in a concrete room . (I have to say that I'm bad at prayer also as I'll start out good but suddenly find myself thinking of my shopping list, what I need to do, or if I'll have enough yarn for my next project. I used to worry about my ADD prayers but decided that God created me therefore he already knew that I would do this, thus no more guilt, just an "I'm sorry" and effort to get back on track.)

On with my thinking this morning while driving Max to school. I started thinking about Max's IEP meeting coming up, of which I heard about through Max's teacher. I have not heard from our pre-school coordinator regarding this, just that they called his teacher for the meeting and gave some dates but nobody has called me about my dates. Hmmmmmmmmm. This led me to thinking about the progress Max has made in the 17 mos. he's had his implant. How many words he has, what consonants he's making consistently and which ones he's not, what he's doing regarding sentence structure (words, adjectives, verbs, etc.), how he's come really FAR, but we still have such a long, long, way to go. Wow, that state cop car passed by really fast. Wonder what's going on......I bet that's Officer __________. He must have dropped the kids off and got a call. Or maybe he's rushing back home to ____________ (his wife). She probably doesn't go to work until 9 or so......both of their kids are in school........I wonder what it's like to have to have two hearing kids? o.k. if Max was a typical child, I'd probably have a job that I'd be going to everyday. Hmmmmmmm, I wonder if that would be a good thing or bad thing? Em still might not get to participate in a lot of extra-curricular activities cause I might be working and still get home too late to take her. I'd still have all the stuff at home to do like laundry, bills, cleaning, cooking.... I wonder if the money from my job would pay for the daycare that Max would obviously have to go to. Oh, he could go to the christian pre-school, I wonder how much it is to go there?........ Wow, the lake with the sunrise is really pretty. The water looks like a big mirror. I wish it wouldn't rain, I really wanted to go to the zoo this weekend. Em's field trip coming up is to the zoo. Hmmmmmm, maybe I should keep Max out of school that day and take him to the zoo. Ugh, I wonder if I can handle a bunch of second graders AND Max at the zoo. Plus we won't be able to wander and talk about things as well if we're with the field trip. Maybe we could walk around by ourselves? Hmmmm, that will probably hurt Em's feelings if we wander by ourselves. Plus, should I really keep him out of school to go to the zoo? Maybe he'd be better off going to school that day then the zoo. Maybe Trent can take off that day and go with us and I can be with Em and her class and he can walk around the zoo with Max,.... nah that isn't going to work. He HAS TO work, we really need money..... Whoa, there's another state cop. Hmmmmm, that's two today and I haven't seen any for at least a week. Wonder what's going on............we've really met a lot of great people on this CI journey. I have made some great new friends....and look how much I've learned.......... I really want to get Max in the booth and get his maps checked. There are all different kinds of things that can affect the maps, growth spurts (check), surgery (check), been 7 mos since we've had one (check). Hey, there's another state cop, what in the world.........I really need to get Em a warmer jacket before next week. It's really going to get cold next week, I wonder where I can get one fairly cheap but reasonable, I can't go look until tomorrow though, payday is tomorrow. I hope our school system doesn't try to give me grief about Max continuing at the oral/deaf school. I'm sure they won't, he's made A LOT of progress, but what if they think that's enough. No, it's not nearly enough....Hey cool, there's the McCain/Palin bus....I wonder if one of them (or both) of them are on that bus? That's why I've been seeing all the state cops this morning. They're trying to stay a certain distance around the bus for protection - escorting from afar. That's probably why.......Geez, Obama freaks me out.....where did all that money come from for his campaign recently? Especially since we're IN A RECESSION. That's a lot of money....who has that kind of money right now? and why are they giving him so much? That health care thing, that scares me too. What if they do socialize healthcare here? I hate to think of quotas on surgeries and procedures because of money. What if he's elected and they run out of money and won't pay anymore for Max's equipment needs? What if no second CI? No batteries, no mic covers, no coils or other stuff when the warranty runs out? Crap!!!!! What if they decide he's defective therefore the new healthcare system isn't going to take care of him and I don't have the money because the economy is whacked? OMG, what if they decide he isn't even worth it? Nah, they wouldn't do that. I don't know, it's well known that he allowed babies to die and didn't vote to keep them alive, he's also for killing innocent unborn children. Ooooh this is tooo much....Geez, 20 minutes til we get to the school. Uh oh, Max is asleep (weird, he never does this). He didn't eat much yesterday either.

Finally after all of that I turned on my CD player to STOP the sporadic thinking and just focus on nothing but musical notes. Except I need to remember to put more chapstick on Max. Can you HEAR me?

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