Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yeah, we've been missing in action this week. This week has been crazzzzyyyy on the merry-go-round. Our daddy's been gone a lot, Em had a nuerologist appt., I go get my mammies grammied tomorrow (OUCH), Max sees his ENT on Monday, I was reading Val's book. HOWEVER, we hit a new milestone this week. (I really wish I wasn't such a flake and could drive AND get this on video. SMILE) Max has been putting together 5 word sentences. He also had a very loooonnnnnng discussion with me yesterday afternoon (in the car on the way home) about Britney (school friend) falling down outside, but she didn't cry. He has also started arguing with me in the car. Nice huh? But this week, he really has pumped it up a bit. (Which is a good thing cause you know I hate plateau's and start worrying about what I have or haven't done that has caused it.)

Oh, and as for hearing in the car, well I've been a bit amazed at that too this week. In the Spiderman 2 movie the phone rings and the guy says "hello" (don't ask me who, cause I never see it since I'm battling the roadways) but today the phone rang and Max said "hello" before the guy did. AND THEN one of the Ninja Turtles (again movie) burps and Max said "excuse me" (the turtle however does not say this, obviously my son is concerned regarding their lack of manners). Hello? This kinda rocks when you think of all the excess noise in the car; the sound of the road under our tires at 75 mph, possible semi's next to us, occasional window going down and back up so I can get fresh air (this is because I left my window down and it kinda sprinkled rain in the car and now it stinks). I'm just completely blown away by my "deaf" kid. Can you HEAR me?