Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Remember my "Most Expensive Tube" post? Wellllll, God may have had a very good reason for that tube being a nuisance. Last week I got the hospital bill AND our EOB from insurance. We had met our deductible exactly. I really didn't think to much about it until yesterday morning, on our way to school (again that sporadic thinking which apparently sometimes is a good thing). It hit me. Our deductible for the year IS PAID, WE COULD GET ANOTHER IMPLANT!!!! So when Max had his appointment with his Dr. yesterday (have I mentioned we LOVE him?), I brought up that our deductible was paid and asked if he thought we could get Max a 2nd implant before the end of the year. Max's doctor said, "For him absolutely." I will do it on Christmas day if I have to. So he went out and gave all the instructions to his nurse and we have a surgery date of December 2nd. Whooo Hoooo! I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, we could be activated right before Christmas!!!!! Goodness, what a great Christmas present that would be, being able to hear out of both ears.

While I'm totally psyched at this turn of the most expensive tube, I'm still a little nervous about the whole surgery thing. For some reason, in my mind, which is obviously a little askew, it feels more like a cosmetic thing rather than a necessity. For his first surgery I knew that he had to have it to get sound and therefore gain speech. But this surgery, well, he's got sound, albeit in one ear, so it seems a little greedy to ask for the other one to be done. I do know that the benefits of the surgery far outweigh the trauma of surgery. For one, better localization, ease in noisy situations, better access to sound and a richer sound (that is once the new ear adjusts), and there's always the case if one has a failure, he's still able to have access to sound. A lot of parents have told me that their kids really seem to "take off" when they get the second ear. So I know that it is Max's best interest to get that 2nd ear. He's done so well with the first ear that I can't even begin to imagine how well he will do with the 2nd. I'm sure we'll have lots of exciting posts to add to our blog when we get this thing moving along.

The surgery, well you can bet that I'm going to be all freaked until it is over. I don't think that any mother can hand her child off knowing what is about to come, even if it is all good, without tears. But I will be praying for our 2nd miracle the whole time. Can you HEAR me?